How to Verify Your Facebook Business Page

Last week it was announced that Facebook is rolling out Verification Badges (those little checked icons next to your Page name) for all local businesses and brands. Grey checks are for “business or organization” vs the blue check which is for “public figure, media company or brand.” Verified Pages also show up higher in search results.

To do this you just simply go to your Settings page and click the “Verify this Page” link as seen below.

how to get your facebook business page verified

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Facebook will then ask you for your phone number to call with your verification number. It will match that phone number to public records (like Yelp, Google, etc) and then when it matches, you will be verified!

If you choose not to have your phone number attached to your business page online, you can also choose to submit documents for verification purposes (like a tax document or phone/internet bill).

Things to know:

  • Your page must have a public address attached to be verified (you can use a PO Box if you want to keep your physical address private)
  • Your page needs to be categorized as a “Local Business” to qualify.

Now my page shows up first in search results for “Amanda Hill” on Facebook!

how to get facebook verified

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Have questions? Leave them in the comments below and I will answer them!


Managing Your Facebook Pages Just Got Easier





For those of us who manage Facebook pages, there’s a new option to change your commenting/liking identity across all of Facebook. Changing from commenting as my page to commenting as myself has always been a hassle, and I always forgot to change it back to my page!


Facebook Update


Now you can see exactly which identity you are using to comment and like not only on your own page, but on ANY page all across Facebook!

facebook pages news

Even when sharing links or events, you have total control over your posting identity.

facebook pages news

I believe this is another step in keeping businesses on Facebook.





Awesome of the Day: Ring

Texting with just a finger motion? Log bar tells us:

Ring is a Wearable Input Device that lets you control just about anything: gesture control, text transmission, payment, and more.

Ring is like magic, allowing you to control anything you want, by wearing it on your finger. You can send texts, control home appliances, and even pay your bills — all at once and in a flash.


I’m interested to see how this really works. Will it be similar to how Google Voice translates voicemails? (That’s pretty entertaining.)


More info and updates here.



Facebook Decides to Get Its Crap Together (A Little Bit)

facebook quote

Beginning today, when a Facebook Page tags a separate brand or celebrity Page in a post, that content will show up for followers of both Pages.


For example, if AM Photography posts a story to Facebook and tags The Memphis Bombshells, the post will now appear in the news feed for both AM Photography fans and Memphis Bombshell fans.


What does that mean? It means that FB Pages now have the chance to greatly expand their reach.   You can read more about this update here.


Here’s a few things we should all keep in mind here:

-You shouldn’t tag any pages just to promote yourself, that is considered spam and is a great way to tick people off. You can get reported for that, and that business will not like you. So don’t do it.
-Tag pages that are relevant to your specific content, and allow them to tag you back. The more you work together, the better it is for both.
-It will be easier to keep up with who is tagging you, so you can engage appropriately.


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!